Welcoming the Sun, live from Plastforma Minsk

Festival: Theatrical Forum Plastforma
Event: Welcoming the Sun
Venue: Janka Kupala National Theatre, Belarus, Minsk
Start time: 19:00 Local Time (18:00 EET / 17:00 CET / 16:00 GMT), 18th of March, 2020
Duration: 1 Hour

Direction, choreography, set design, dance – Inna Aslamova
Idea, ethno vocals, akaryna, bells, big tambourine – Irena Kotvitskaya
Sound design – Veselin Rumyantsev
Video art – Alexei Dolgushin
Light design – Simon Davydzenka
Costumes – Valentina Shapovalova

About this performance:
“Welcoming the Sun” is an intuitively sensitive space, combining contemporary dance, ethno-vocal and electronic music. Singer and ethnomusicologist Irena Kotvitskaya, along with choreographer and dancer Inna Aslamova, consider their performance as a rite that combines modern form and knowledge of tradition.
The creative process was directed to the work with female energy changing the quality of body and space. Avoiding mental decisions they were sensitive to their bodies, feelings and intuition.
Pagan ritual voice is a way to save a proper order, harmony and cosmos of traditional community. Can the action at the interface of tradition and modern days change spectators’ perception of space and themselves?
Plastforma shows such genres as: physical, figurative, dance theater, performance, pantomime and butoh. Our aim – to create the cultural space for the development of thise genres of modern art and to give the possibility for artists to say about their art.

About the Festival:
Plastforma shows performances, which have strong author’s ideas and innovative directorial decisions. It gives for spectators the possibility to go out from rational to sencual, bodily, intuitive reflection. As a rule, Plastforma present multigenre, interdisciplinary works, which based at the researches of physicality and the psychology of person, appeal to important social themes, combining the newest visual technologies with diversity of physical language.
Plastforma takes place in Minsk annually since 2013.
The founders of the Forum: Vyacheslav Inozemtsev, Inna Aslamova, Alexander Tebenkov.
Art direction: Inna Aslamova, Maria Fomenko, Anastasia Kavzevich.
Team: Maria Kandurina, Marina Karpovich, Nikita Toropov, Natalia Slejko, Alexander Yushchenko.

This live stream was made possible with support from NordicBaltic Festival Platform, Swedish Institute, Council of the Baltic Sea States and Nordic Culture Fund.